How much does it cost?
Please fill in the inquiry form and one of our representatives will contact you with a quote in short order.

What sports/leagues do you cover?
We cover all major North American sports, with an emphasis on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball. We also cover MMA/UFC, boxing, tennis, NASCAR, along with the most widely bet international soccer leagues.

What sportsbooks are available?
See the list

What are the delivery methods you offer?
The content can be delivered either through RESTful API (XML), or through the streaming messaging system ActiveMQ. If your subscription is for real-time updates, it’s recommended that you program with the messaging system. However, if your subscription is for delayed updates, we currently only offer the RESTful method.

What is the advantage of the streaming method?
Instead of polling the RESTful every so often, we actually push the updates to you. This greatly reduces overhead on your end, and also on ours. Moreover, the updates are delivered in real-time with minimal delay.

How accurate is the data?
We have staff who are constantly monitoring the accuracy of the lines and scores, since this information appears both on our Don Best Premium/Express odds service as well as in all of our feeds. Our North American data is the most accurate available on the market and we dedicate significant resources  to ensure that our elite status is never compromised. However, with the immense amount of data being handled daily, we understand mistakes happen periodically and we do everything in our power to make sure they’re isolated incidents.

What’s the timezone you use in the feed?

What is the difference between Opening, Pervious, Current and Closing lines?
Opening Lines are just that; they are the lines that a specific sportsbook opens first for betting. Of course no line is static and the sports marketplace remains fluid. Current Lines show the line that is at present being posted by a specific sportsbook. Previous Lines are the most recent lines before the Current Line. Closing Lines show the last available line offered before a particular betting market is closed.

As an aside, note that in the event that a line is removed, or “taken down” as we prefer to say, you will see display values of Home=”0″ & Away=”0″.

Aside from full game lines, do you offer 1H, 2H, first five, periods/quarter?
It varies from sportsbook to sportsbook : Some will have these lines and others will not.

What about futures?
Yes, they are available!

How come I see two events for the same game?
For NBA, NFL, NCAA football, and NCAA basketball, there will be in-game lines for certain games. The in-game lines are only available during the game, whereas the regular line will cease to move the moment the game gets underway.

How can I tell which one is in-game line?
There are 2 ways to determine if it’s in-game line:

1. Through the group header
2. In-game lines are prefixed with “9”

What is the “consensus” line?
The consensus line is an amalgamated line from several books so you get the market average instead of a particular book line.

Can we query for previous days lines and scores? (needs updating)
We do not accommodate back tracking at the moment.


What is a token and why it’s required?
The token is required to validate that you are allowed to use our service.

Does the token expire?
The token is bound to your IP addrees. You will not have to re-generate the token unless your IP changed.

How frequent can we poll the data?
We recommend no less than 10 seconds.


Do I need to generate a token to listen to the topics?
You do not need to generate a token in order to listen to the topics. However, the service is protected by IP address. So we will need to add your IP to our white list.

What’s the best practice to use with this streaming technology?
We recommend that you do a bootstrap for schedules/scores using the RESTful feed when your application first loads. Then listen to the topics for changes.


RESTful XML samples
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ActiveMQ streaming samples
The ActiveMQ Connectivity page has lots of resources on how to build a listener in various languages.
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