Don Best partners use our leading services as we are considered a leader in the North American sports information category. Arguably, our team can provide the most in-depth coverage and consulting programs in our field owing to our highly experienced key management and staff and why respected global operators, lottery providers and official sports bodies and leagues have turned to us for the provision of consulting, training, insights and other 3rd-party services that go far beyond the provision of our historical core offerings.

Don Best Sports is very well positioned to provide tailored, ongoing or interim consulting services for the regulated sportsbook market. Some of the value-added services and products offered are:

  • Trading and risk-management training covering:
    • Betting event life-cycle creation and management
    • Risk Management techniques
    • Customer Analysis
    • In-play, pre-match and derivative market pricing
    • Algorithmic and manual trading processes
    • Best-in-breed market creation and management
  • 3rd-party full-spectrum trading and risk-management provision for operators
  • Fraud prevention and analysis for operators, lottery providers and sports bodies
  • Score, odds, props and resulting review and verification services (Lotteries)
  • 3rd-party settlement services
  • Advanced odds, team list and scheduling provision (inc. ‘off the board’ markets)
  • Don Best Sports Screen and XML training
  • Handicapping Services
  • Historical odds and data provision
  • Product and performance reviews for your company

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